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Ninia Heroes Tips


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Selasa, 14 Juli 2015

Cit Point Blank Garena

Download Cheat PB Garena Terbaru 2015 
Cheat PB Garena Yang Work Untuk Kalian Semua.

Cit PB Garena
Cheat Point Blank Garena
Cit PB Terbaru

[-] Wallhack
[-] Wallhack Leopard
[-] CrossHair
[-] No Smoke
[-] ESP Box
[-] ESP Rank
[-] ESP Head
[-] ESP Health
[-] ESP Distance
[-] ESP Line
[-] Macro Mose
[-] No Respawn
[-] Rank Skill
[-] Fast Reload 0 Detik
[-] Fast QQ (WIN 7 ONLY)
[-] Double Jumper
[-] NORECOIL (Peluru tidak goyang saat di tembakan )
[-] AWP lurus HOT (Main AWP tanpa Keker)
[-] GHOST (Jurus ninja)
[-] AUTO HEADSHOT (No Ribet)
[-] Target Lock (Kepala - Badan- Kaki)
[-] Aim Bot Killer (HOT ++)
[-] Fake WS
[-] Magnet

Sabtu, 11 Juli 2015

80,000 Andromax Ludes 4 g Sold

Not long ago launched into the mobile market, tens of thousands of hosts 4 g LTE smartphone Smart Telecom claimed ludes sold.

Novianto Hartadi as Bundling Product Department Head PT Smart Telecom Telecom Tbk said, many users welcome the 4 g LTE smartphone Smart Telecom with enthusiasm, especially among those who settled in the region of Eastern Indonesia.

"There are five types of smartphones which not long ago we launch IE Andromax R, Q, Q1, Ec, and ice. Andromax R has sold about 25 thousand units, Andromax Qi, around 25 thousand units, Andromax Q about 10 thousand units, and for Andromax Ec and ice about 20 units, "he said to the team Tekno Kapoww. com at Pullman Hotel Jakarta.

When combined, at least 4 g LTE smartphone Smart Telecom has sold around 80,000 units. Hartadi said, Ec and ice Andromax not sold many of its products on its own stock because it is still limited.

About the production of the device itself, he said, the current smart telecom company is working with the Assembly of your smartphone PT. Haier Electrical Appliances in Cikarang, Indonesia PT Panggung Electric Citrabuana in Sidoarjo, Sat Nusapersada Tbk and PT in Batam.

"For production in Haier Electrical Appliances PT. Indonesia and PT Panggung Electric Citrabuana in Sidoarjo has been running, while PT Sat Nusapersada Tbk has not been running," said Hartadi.

For your information, a row of Andromax the 4 g launched in early June 2015. For specifications, all five runs on the Android operating system, except Andromax Lollipop Q brings OS Cyanogen.

For on-site photography, armed front camera 5 megapixel (MP) for Andromax Ec and ice as well as LED flash lights in front camera for Andromax R series and e. to support performance, his alike supported processors quad-core 1.2 GHz of Snapdragon.

Reserved price, Andromax R with 5-inch screen dibanderol Usd 1,599 million with black color options-black-gold, silver, and white-silver. While Andromax Q and 4.5 inch sailing Qi valued Rp 1.299 million, each dressed in blue and white as well as black and white.

Whereas Ec and ice Andromax whose screen 4 inches each available in three color choices are black, white, and gray with a price of Rp 999 thousand.

Apple Watch Can Help You Find Your Soul Mate

Have you ever thought that a smart watches can help you find the soul mate? It apparently will soon be going through one of the applications that will be present in the hosts Smart Watches Apple, Apple Watch.

A group of developers of original Texas application called T3, inspired the phrase "follow the beat of jantungmu when looking for life partner" and eventually develop applications for modifications to Tinder used at Apple Watch.

As it known to many people, is indeed a Tinder mobile apps for iOS and Android feature that presents a swipe and like where you can ' sort ' people you like, or even private messaging him.

However, if the application is ter-install on Apple Watch, will effectively be used? See the Apple screen Watch is so small, does not seem to allow its users to swipe and like people who want to choose from.

Well, the developers of this creative agent got her way. By developing a modified version of Tinder, they form a breakthrough by using the Apple user heart rate Watch to find the right partner.

Digital Spy, page Saturday (7/11/2015), alerts you of an application called Hands-Free Tinder is made as simple as possible.

Later, this app only match users with potential mates by using heartbeat. Increasingly fast heart beat, then the chance of ' match ' with a potential mate will be more wide open.

Hands-Free application Tinder revealed T3 is in the process of entering the App Store and Google even Play. This means that users of the smartwatch Android will also have the opportunity to sample this unique dating applications.

4 g LTE Smart Telecom can be enjoyed in all big cities Indonesia

As it known, Smart Telecom has just introduced its first 4 g LTE service on the island of Batam. This procession was claimed to be continued with several other cities in the near future.

Munir Syahda Prabowo, Head of PT Smart Telecom Network Special Project Telecom Tbk, said that his side will prepare the newer 4 g LTE service in 22 major cities in Indonesia in the second half by 2015.

"We are preparing to launch in the second half of this year. However, customers in all big cities in Indonesia can already enjoy 4 g LTE Smart Telecom, "said Munir to a team of Techno Kapoww. com at Pullman Hotel Jakarta.

Any way, he said, it's still a 4 g LTE service trial. This step is performed to find out the user experience in using this super fast internet service.

"The launch of 4 g LTE service will be our launches if the connection was already stable. At least if his coverage has reached 80 percent. We don't want half-measures, the connection must be stabilized first, "he added.

As information, Smart Telecom had pocketed the eligibility Certificate permits the operation of (SKLO) 4 g LTE service from the Ministry of communications and Informatics (Kemkominfo).

The company has launched its first 4 g LTE service in Batam city on July 6, 2015, in conjunction with the commercialization of 4 g LTE 1800 MHz spectrum held 4 other operators namely Telkomsel, XL, Tri, and Indosat.

Smart Telecom as the sole operator of CDMA-based cellular will rely on the 4 g LTE network on frequencies of 850 MHz and 2100 MHz. 4 g LTE Service simultaneously carried out in five major cities, namely Indonesia Makassar, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, and Lombok, Batam.

Munir exposed, 850 MHz frequency spectrum that adopt the standard data delivery technology FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) has a speed of 2 Mbps downlink-20 Mbps, while 2,300 MHz spectrum-based TDD (Time Division Duplex) have 2 Mbps downlink speeds of 100 Mbps.

After The Protests, Ellen Pao Users Off The Post Of CEO Of Reddit

Ellen Pao has officially resigned from his position as CEO of Reddit. The reasons behind his resignation is due to the reaction from users after he dismissed Victoria Taylor from his position as Director of Communication Reddit.

The dismissal was considered actions that arbitrarily by the users of Reddit and not a few of those who protested.

Pao was attacked by the users of Reddit with a petition on site that reveals itself must leave from Office.

Reddit users fury is also caused by a Reddit unresponsive management responded to the complaints of communities and moderator over the technical problem that often occurs on the site survived the years.

To quote the page Ubergizmo, Saturday (7/11/2015), Pao has reportedly left the Reddit based on mutual agreement, followed by the announcement of the news sites and discussion forums.

Reddit is a social networking forum entertainment site known by the slogan ' the front page of the internet '. Reddit currently has a number of readers who are strong enough. In June 2015, Reddit pocketed recorded 164 million unique visitors.

Microsoft Will Get Rid Of A Number Of Applications MSN

Mid-2015 seems to be a heavy period for Microsoft. After reportedly will house 7,800 employees, software giant was mentioned would get rid of a number of application service MSN.

This information has been distributed to users via an email. Some applications will shut down the MSN is SN Health & Fitness, MSN Travel and MSN Food Drink & for all platforms, including Windows, iOS, and Android.

"We are always evaluating the business to ensure users find the most valuable things. We will continue the application support more broadly, including News, Sports, and Weathers & Money that will be available as a Windows application and cross platform, "said Microsoft spokesman as quoted from Venture Beat, Saturday (7/11/2015).

Application to be removed first was MSN Food & Drink and MSN Travel on September 28, 2015. While the MSN Health and Fitness will be turned off & per 1 January 2015.

Reported to Ubergizmo, Microsoft also plans to get rid of the display advertising services. The Division of advertising has been reshuffling into Applications and Services Group under the leadership of Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner.