Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November Evenings

Winter finally decides to make an appearance here at home and yes, I call it winter since we don’t really have an autumn. It’s strange when you have lived at the same place all your life and then suddenly you find yourself alone, half way around the world trying to figure out bizarre things like day-light saving, skeletal frames of once lush green trees and snow boots. I have already been through the first snow day of the season (spent it entirely hiding inside a B&N) and all the horrendous weather surrounding hurricane Sandy; it was such a relief to come back to clear glass sunshine and cotton candy clouds. The days are becoming more and more beautiful and the evenings more intense. Now that Diwali has come and gone, I can go back to evenings of breezy peacefulness over loud crackers and grayness over garish decorative lights. I read somewhere that people these days forget that Diwali is a festival of lights not noise but who cares, it’s just one of the things that has lost all spiritual meaning and has become a symbol of commodification and surrender of the silent majority.


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