Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter Magic

Winter has always been my least favourite season. Not just because of the untolerably cold climes or the lost sun but mainly because on days like today - the only clear day in London I've seen after a very very long time - I am all snowed in and can't do anything worthwhile. It has been snowing and snowing and snowing and everything is a snow covered relic till the point that there are no colours left in the streets and the city resembles a winter wonderland. This could have been quite a visual inspiration if only my fingers weren't practically frozen off after just a few clicks of the camera. I wish I was a little tolerant of the cold when I see people in their heavy coats, furry hats and high boots huddled with each other, all rosy cheeks and red noses, smiling at each other, balancing a steamy cup of tea/coffee in their gloved hands while manoeuvring short steps on the slick sidewalks. And nobody lost the twinkle in their eyes.

Just 48 hours ago I was complaining why Singapore was so hot even though its still January and how the humidity will be the end of all "good moods". But even there the people were all happy and playful while being all sweaty and exhausted. Now as I type this it makes me wonder whether it is I who is noticing more of the happy people these days or is it the people themselves are being generally happier? Either ways its actually nicer to be in this parallel universe of cheerful people than isolate myself in my hotel just because there is a few feets of snow outside.


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  2. Where are you? We miss you!

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