Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Eyes have to Travel

I have been homeless for the past month or so. Not really if one defines home as a place where the heart is because I feel right at home when I am in transit, a speck of dust in an infinite universe, especially a speck flying at 45000 ft. The home which I feel dispossessed of is a physical entity: cold floor, four walls, a sense of familiarity, reasonable protection from the elements and a storage place for precious domestic things. A single point around which my universe revolves. And this singularity has been missing from my life lately. Living out of suitcases does numb your mind to the bonds of possessions and strings of relationships but it was always a relief to come "home". Toujour. The sand has shifted again, I have dunes where valleys existed and with this displacements lost stories emerge from the reckless whirlwinds. I have been trying to find the meaning of the word "mine".

Last month, I visited my best-friend who lives in Dubai and we laughed how we have been BFFs for the past 10 years but haven't really talked in the past 4 years. I almost missed her wedding. There is no forgiveness in our relationship because neither of us can do any wrong in the eyes of the other. If I were to shoot someone in the head, she'd be right beside me, smoking gun in hand, making sure the bastard is dead. Together, We laugh so much its hard to believe our lives are less than perfect. I wish she lived in a place less decadent than Dubai and by decadent I mean materialistic. I have been to Dubai a few times before and every time I visit, the place is more commercialised and capitalised than before. I believe the government is aiming for a mall per capita. I was lucky to have caught the tail-end of the rare fair weather for the days I was there which meant long cozy evening at the beach and eating at the road-side cafes without sweating till drenched. We went crazy and even tried the Hookah for the first time: Watermelon, mint and rose flavoured smoke lingered in our hair for days. We fell asleep humming the songs we never knew the lyrics to.

Now there is a sea between us and promises to meet more often. We laugh harder because all is forgiven again.


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